Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This picture may not look like much, but M and I were both extremely impressed with our experience in the Naha airport (Naha is the capital city of Okinawa prefecture). Perhaps it's a bit nerdy, but we both love to see systems that are efficient, organized, and run smoothly.

First of all, there was a red line on the floor around the baggage conveyor belt, which no one crossed unless they were grabbing their bag. This completely eliminated the headache of people who stand with their shins pressed up against the belt, making it impossible to see if your bag is coming, and then forcing you to wedge your way in between people to grab it if you do see it.

Second, every single bag came out like those in the picture, with the handle facing outward, so everyone could quickly and easily grab their bag. How nice is that?!

And finally, you know the baggage claim tickets that you always get? They are usually stuffed in with your ticket, and you just end up tossing them when you get home. Well, they actually collected them as you exited the baggage claim area, presumably helping to reduce the number of times people grab the wrong bag.

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