Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Stuff

Hey there. It's been awhile. I've Just as busy as everybody else, yet somehow not able to keep up with my tiny corner of the web -- and I miss it. Lately all I've been doing is sharing fun links, which although fun, isn't much of a blog, so I'm determined to get back. Soon. But in the meantime, more interesting links:

Wife Attempts to Put Baseball Viewing in Perspective.

Signs My Wife Made. I tried to read this out loud to Mike, but I was laughing so hard I had to just hand him my computer.

Oof. The culture of the eight-hour workday is big business’ most powerful tool for keeping people in this same dissatisfied state where the answer to every problem is to buy something. via Sassy Radish

Bust a move with Stephen Colbert.

Random (amusing) act of kindness.

Good reminder.
"We give ourselves give ourselves the space to be cranky, grumpy, sleepy, ornery, or irritable.  We excuse our poor behavior and our short tempers as hunger or fatigue.  We justify our over-reactions in because we can see our circumstances clearly.  That’s because we know what it’s like to be in our skin!  Our expectations are in line with our emotional reality. 
And that’s the way it should be!  I should be gentle with myself when I’m cranky because of hunger.  I should designate a window for snoozing if that is what I need to wake up in the morning.
But let’s extend this gift of self-awareness and affirmation to our children!  Let’s give our children the same gift that we give to ourselves.  Let’s give them space to be human beings with a complex emotional landscape"

Another good reminder. Sometimes people forget to be decent human beings, so it's nice when others step it up to make up for it.

Why Take Self-Portraits of Your Feet? (I don't, but this makes me want to.) via Shutterbean

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